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Does this sound familiar?

You long to feel a sense of excitement about the future of your marriage. You crave appreciation and validation, but right now, resentment and anger are clouding your relationship. It seems impossible to make things better, and you're left wondering if this is the best it will ever be. You're struggling to find a way forward, unsure of how to improve the situation and restore the connection you crave with your spouse.

You've tried various approaches - ignoring, cajoling, and even ultimatums - but they've only left you feeling defeated and hopeless. Despite your efforts, things haven't improved, and you're losing hope. All you want is to be with someone who truly appreciates you and wants to be by your side. The thought of leaving has crossed your mind as you search for a way to find the love and appreciation you deserve.

Your children are nearly grown, and you’re facing an empty nest, the thought of trying to connect with your wife feels daunting because things haven’t been going that well. Raising kids has been what you have in common and that’s starting to transition. You can’t help but wonder how it will be when you no longer have the distractions of parenthood, and you’re left with the uncertainty of what to talk about or do together.

Here's what we can do to solve that:

Men's Group Program

  • Six months of program access
  • Option to continue in the group beyond six months
  • Weekly live group coaching call (4-5/month)
  • Concept worksheets
  • Twelve concepts included in the six-month program
  • Two concepts taught per month available via video or audio
  • Weekly call replay access
  • Additional bonus calls
  • Weekly email check-in, as needed
  • Access to the content library as long as you are in the program
  • Program app access
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You want intimacy in your relationship, but you just can’t seem to connect.

Let’s change that.

There is hope for your marriage to improve, but you need to learn new strategies. The approaches you’ve tried so far haven’t been effective, so more of the same won’t yield different results. By learning how to feel appreciated, boosting your confidence, and improving your communication skills during challenging times, you can increase intimacy in your relationship. When you’re able to connect on a deeper level, both emotionally and physically, intimacy can flourish. Are you ready to take steps toward building a stronger, more fulfilling relationship?

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Here’s what’s possible with my help

Experience the genuine appreciation you crave in your relationship.

Strengthen intimacy and connection with your partner.

Boost your confidence and self-assurance.

Acquire effective tools to navigate challenges in your relationship.

Find satisfaction and fulfillment in your partnership.

Develop new ways to handle relationship challenges with confidence.

Gain clarity and peace of mind in deciding whether to stay or move on.

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What clients are saying

Alisa is a genius bullshit slayer! She never, not once, believed the stories I was using to make myself miserable. She witnesses my ‘problems’ from the up-on-the-mountain perspective and then guides me up there with her. If you come expecting to have your victimhood validated, you will be disappointed. She courageously unveils truth without even a hint of shaming for thought errors. She is a safe place to be vulnerable and explore the monsters in your mind. Hire her!

M. Drew

“Alisa helped me connect back with myself to work on my relationship with me. This help me by being able to be more happy with myself and understand how my actions and feelings are mine and not anyone else’s. I have been able to help my kids with their feelings and actions and be a better father. I have been told that I look a lot happier than I have been over the past year. Thank you Alisa!!”

C. W.

Alisa has helped me understand that I am in control of my future and that I have responsibilities to myself in addition to others in my life. She has helped me face up to some uncomfortable realities about how I have let others have too much influence on how I feel about myself and my own happiness. I have developed a lot more confidence in myself, a better ability to find love and satisfaction in my family and personal relationships and more certainty about how I can feel good about myself and the direction my life is going.

“When I started life coaching by Alisa, I wasn’t sure how much I needed it. I thought it would be good to try, but thought my life was pretty balanced and my thought processes were good. I have decided that everyone could benefit from life coaching. I found relationship beliefs I was holding onto that I needed to let go of and was able to once it was brought to my attention. I can see clearer the excuses I give myself are just excuses and the importance of setting goals. One of the biggest gifts Alisa gave me was the recognition to value myself more. This has helped with confidence in work and in my personal life. There is more I want to work on and Alisa has helped me to know where to start.”

Rebecca D.

Common Questions

When will calls be held?

1-on-1 calls are held weekly, via Zoom, at a mutually agreed upon time. You can choose from day, evening, or weekend time slots.


Group calls will be held approximately five times per month held on different days, including weekends, at varied times. You’ll get an email at the beginning of each month detailing when calls will be held and how to access that month’s concepts.

What are live calls like?

1-on-1 calls are held on Zoom. Each week we will review how you are implementing prior concepts and then I will teach you another concept that fits best with what you are currently going through.


Group calls are held via Zoom and as many people as possible will be coached during the scheduled call time. All attendees will be able to hear me coach the group member. I prefer to coach people on camera, but it’s not required. You can volunteer to be coached or just listen. There is a ton of value in hearing others are experiencing similar things.

What if I cannot attend?

1-on-1 calls will be rescheduled to ensure you can take advantage of all twelve sessions.


Group calls may be watched live or via replay. Everything will be posted on the program content page where you can view or listen to missed calls.

Will you be talking about religion?

Only if you do. I coach a variety of people with a variety of backgrounds. I understand the complexities of the LDS church, however, the concepts are valuable to most situations.

What topics are covered?

Topics include things like relationship expectations, recognizing emotions, how to build confidence, conflict resolution and much more.

I want to join but I'm not sure this will work.

I understand that you may have tried different approaches in the past that didn’t seem to help, and you may feel uncertain about investing in yourself in this way. It’s important to recognize that without learning new skills, you may continue to experience the same outcomes you’ve been getting.


If I were to ask you how much you’d be willing to pay to see a positive change in your relationship, it’s likely that you would place a high value on it. We are generally willing to invest in things that we truly value. So, where does this investment in improving your relationship fall on your list of priorities?

How long will I have access?

You will have access to program materials and replay content as long as you are in the program. They will be available via video and audio.

How much time will this take?

Each call is one hour long, and group members often find that they receive more value than they initially expect from these sessions. Whether you choose to participate in one call a month or attend all of them, and whether you watch them live or later, each concept covered in the program can have a significant impact on your life and provide insights into areas where you may need to work. Getting coached live during these calls can be particularly beneficial in gaining valuable guidance and support.

How can I pay? Do you offer payment plans?

You can pay in full, monthly, bi-weekly or weekly.

Is this covered by insurance / HSA?

That depends on your insurance and employee benefits. Check with them. When you join the program, you will receive an email receipt with which to seek reimbursement.

What if I want to cancel?

My programs are designed as a comprehensive package and are not offered as a month-to-month membership. When you enroll, you are committing to the entire package. While you have the option to pay incrementally, please note that it is expected you will remain committed to the series and cannot come in and out of the program.

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