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I’m a problem solver, a results getter, a straight talker, and a non-judgemental place to lay it all out on the line.

What I do:

Problems I Solve

  • I help people create the kind of intimacy they really want in their relationships.
  • I help people who have tried everything else and are ready to decide if they are going to leave their marriages.
  • I help people move the needle when counseling hasn’t worked.
  • I help people feel appreciated in their relationships.
  • I help people figure out what is really getting in the way of a close, happy relationship.
  • I help people feel appreciated in their relationships.

Why Take Action?

You probably feel like you have tried everything: begged, issued ultimatums, tried to live without, even gone to counseling. You probably came out of counseling thinking that you’d just spent a ton of money to hear your wife complain about you. And nothing seems to make a difference!

This is where coaching comes in. I will coach you on actionable strategies that have the potential to change the dynamics in your relationship. If you are worried that this might be the beginning of the end, let’s talk. Working with me can make all the difference whether you decide to stay or part ways. The good news is that you won’t take old, unproductive habits with you to whatever is next.

I'm making it easy to connect with me

I do all my calls via Zoom so you can get help from any time zone.

My Men's Group program's content is even available in a handy app making access even easier.

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Who I am

I’m married, with four adult children. Several years ago my life was a compilation of life-altering events that I thought might break me. After a lot of disappointment, hard work, overwhelm, and shame, I have emerged as a totally different person.

What changed?

I hired a coach, became a coach, and have been coaching since 2019. I was certified by The Life Coach School.

I help men (and women) find happiness, intimacy, and contentment in their relationships. I have helped people build confidence, grow trust, solve problems, look inside, and question old patterns over and over.

What is really causing strain in your relationship isn’t what you think.

As hard as everything was, I totally believe it has prepared me to help you. Divorce? Yep. Second marriage? Yep. Trouble with kids? Yep. Serious illness and disability? Yep. Pressure to provide? Yep.

Guess what?

All of this experience puts me in a unique position to be able to help you with a broad range of issues.

There is hope for you too.

Together we can find out how.

Want more intimacy in your relationship? Let's Get Started