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Want More Intimacy in Your Marriage?

Learn the three most common obstacles keeping you from experiencing the intimacy you want, and what you can do to change it today.

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      Watch on-demand. It’ll take less than 30 minutes. You’ll be amazed at how fast you can have the intimacy you really want.

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      You are going to want to refer back to the 3 shifts that I’ll share so you can use them immediately. Happiness is within reach and you can build the life you really want.

      Here's what you'll learn in the training:

      My three shifts to help you have the marriage you want.

      Figure out what is really keeping you from the intimacy you want. (Hint: it isn’t that your wife controls sex.)

      Don’t suffer in silence.

      Learn how to feel appreciated.

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          Edited Favorites-101

          Meet Your Host, Alisa Stoddard

          Alisa is a Certified Life Coach who specializes in helping people thrive in their relationships. She has been helping her clients make the necessary internal shifts to break through old patterns, create intimacy & have fulfilling marriages, not just a roommate.

          What clients are saying

          Alisa is a genius bullshit slayer! She never, not once, believed the stories I was using to make myself miserable. She witnesses my ‘problems’ from the up-on-the-mountain perspective and then guides me up there with her. If you come expecting to have your victimhood validated, you will be disappointed. She courageously unveils truth without even a hint of shaming for thought errors. She is a safe place to be vulnerable and explore the monsters in your mind. Hire her!

          M. Drew

          “Alisa helped me connect back with myself to work on my relationship with me. This help me by being able to be more happy with myself and understand how my actions and feelings are mine and not anyone else’s. I have been able to help my kids with their feelings and actions and be a better father. I have been told that I look a lot happier than I have been over the past year. Thank you Alisa!!”

          C. W.

          Alisa has helped me understand that I am in control of my future and that I have responsibilities to myself in addition to others in my life. She has helped me face up to some uncomfortable realities about how I have let others have too much influence on how I feel about myself and my own happiness. I have developed a lot more confidence in myself, a better ability to find love and satisfaction in my family and personal relationships and more certainty about how I can feel good about myself and the direction my life is going.

          “When I started life coaching by Alisa, I wasn’t sure how much I needed it. I thought it would be good to try, but thought my life was pretty balanced and my thought processes were good. I have decided that everyone could benefit from life coaching. I found relationship beliefs I was holding onto that I needed to let go of and was able to once it was brought to my attention. I can see clearer the excuses I give myself are just excuses and the importance of setting goals. One of the biggest gifts Alisa gave me was the recognition to value myself more. This has helped with confidence in work and in my personal life. There is more I want to work on and Alisa has helped me to know where to start.”

          Rebecca D.

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